Fort Morris State Historic Site

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Fort Morris State Historic Site

Fort Morris State Historic Site is located on the Medway River in Liberty County, Georgia, near the once thriving Colonial town of Sunbury. The site of the fort is owned by the State of Georgia and actually encompasses several forts built and used for over the last 250 years.

The first fort was built by Captain Mark Carr in 1741. Carr, a Commander in the British Colonial Army, had been deeded 500 acres and was protecting his plantation against attack by the Creek Indians, allies of the Spanish in the area.

The second fort was built in 1756 to protect local settlers from Creek attacks during the French and Indian Wars. However, by 1762, the fort was no longer needed and its condition deteriorated.

By 1776 Sunbury was a busy port and was in need of serious defenses during the Revolutionary War. The Continental Congress authorized the construction of a new fort at the site of Carr’s fort.

On November 25, 1778, a group of British surrounded the fort and demanded the surrender of it, to which commander Col. John Macintosh famously replied: “Come and take it!” Although the British forces originally retreated, they returned on January 9, 1779, returned with larger forces and Fort Morris, subsequently re-named Fort George by the King’s forces, fell to the British.

In 1782, British forces left and Fort Morris fell into disrepair again. A new fort was built on the site for use during the War of 1812 and the new fort was named Fort Defiance.

Visitors to Fort Morris State Park can tour the remaining earthen works and visit a museum where a film describes life in Colonial Era Sunbury. Visitors can also enjoy observing the many coastal birds that make their homes in the area. For more information visit:

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