About Liberty County Georgia

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  2. February 2, 2013 3:32 am

About Liberty County Georgia

Liberty County, Georgia is located south of Savannah on the tidal marshes of the Atlantic Ocean, just a few hours drive north from the Florida state line. Often called Georgia’s Cradle of Liberty, this remarkable Georgia county is named for it’s history of remarkable American patriots.

Liberty County is the home of a number of distinguished Early Americans and was home to the forbears for many of the county’s, the state of Georgia’s and the nation’s most celebrated men and women. These include two signers of the Declaration of Independence, Lyman Hall and Button Gwinnett, and James Screven and Daniel Stewart, two famous Revolutionary War Generals. Decedents of Liberty county residents also include President Theodore Roosevelt, Former First Lady Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, and the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Since 1956, Liberty County has also been home to Fort Stewart, the largest military installation west of the Mississippi River.

Because of this extraordinary history and these notable residents, Liberty County provides a self-guided tour called the “Historic Liberty Trail” where visitors to the county can follow the path to ten outstanding sites of historical, cultural and national significance.

Stops on the trail include the Midway Museum, where visitors can see how life was lived on the Georgia coast during the Revolutionary War. See multiple tidal ecosystems on the Cay Creek Wetlands. Visit the Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center and LeConte Woodmanston Botanical Gardens where the famed 18th Century Gardens of Louis LeConte are being restored. See the Dorchester Academy and Museum, housed in a school for freed slaves, and the Fort Stewart Museum which contains artifacts from all America’s wars. Visit the 3,000 unspoiled acres of Melon Bluff Nature and Heritage Preserve, Seabrook Village, the 18th Century Fort Morris State Historic Site, and Sunbury cemetery.

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